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Solutions Overview

Accelerate your app development with powerful solutions to common enterprise use cases - all built and supported by the Ionic team.

Single Sign-On

Ionic Auth Connect handles logging in and/or registering a user with an authentication provider (such as Auth0, Azure AD, or AWS Cognito) using industry standard OAuth/OpenId Connect on iOS, Android, or on the web.

When used with Ionic Identity Vault, it provides a complete security solution for authentication and storage of logged-in credentials. Auth Connect also allows your app to support multiple authentication providers. Should you need to change providers, easily switch between them without having to develop a new solution.

Biometric Authentication

Ionic Identity Vault is an all-in-one frontend identity management system that combines security best practices and the latest in biometric authentication options available on iOS and Android.

Identity Vault manages secure user identity and session tokens, ensuring sensitive tokens are encrypted at rest, stored only in secure locations on the device, and unlocked only with biometric identity (TouchID/FaceID).

Secure Offline Storage

Ionic Offline Storage is a cross-platform data storage system that works on iOS and Android. Powered by SQLite, a SQL database engine for building powerful, data-driven apps entirely in JavaScript.

This solution makes it easy to add offline storage to Ionic apps that are secure (encrypted on device using 256-bit AES), highly performant, and provide advanced data querying.