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Version: v5

ionic deploy build

Create a deploy build on Appflow

ionic deploy build [options]

This command creates a deploy build on Appflow. While the build is running, it prints the remote build log to the terminal.

Customizing the build:

  • The --environment and --channel options can be used to customize the groups of values exposed to the build.

Apart from --commit, every option can be specified using the full name setup within the Appflow Dashboard.


$ ionic deploy build
$ ionic deploy build --environment="My Custom Environment Name"
$ ionic deploy build --commit=2345cd3305a1cf94de34e93b73a932f25baac77c
$ ionic deploy build --channel="Master"
$ ionic deploy build --channel="Master" --channel="My Custom Channel"


--environment =<name>


The group of environment variables exposed to your build

--channel =<name>


The channel you want to auto deploy the build to. This can be repeated multiple times if multiple channels need to be specified.

Advanced Options

--commit =<sha1>


Commit (defaults to HEAD)