A one day, single-track online event celebrating the future of cross-platform app development — and the developer community powering the movement.

June 24, 2020

100% Online // CST, Daytime hours


Ioniconf features a lineup of experienced engineering leaders and developer experts from across the app development space.

John Papa speaking

John Papa

Professional Web and Mobile Developer, Developer Advocate for Microsoft, and an avid OSS and community advocate.

ana cidre headshot

Ana Cidre

International speaker, Developer Advocate at Auth0, and organizer of GalsTech and ngSpain.

Shawn Wang headshot

Shawn Wang

React developer and open source contributor. Writer, speaker, and teacher at Egghead.io.

Simon Grimm headshot

Simon Grimm

Ionic Developer Expert helping developers to learn Ionic Framework faster at the Ionic Academy.

Lukas Ruebbelke headshot

Lukas Ruebbelke

VP of Developer Growth at BrieBug. Mentor, trainer, GDE, author, conference speaker, event organizer.

Yvonne Allen headshot

Yvonne Allen

Java Developer Advocate at Vonage. Speaker, co-organizer for GDG Atlanta, a member of Women Who Code.

Cecelia Martinez headshot

Cecelia Martinez

Success Engineer Cypress.io. Volunteer at Women Who Code Front End and Out in Tech Atlanta.

Liam DeBeasi cartoon headshot

Liam DeBeasi

Core engineer on Ionic Framework. Making sure cross-platform apps are accessible to everyone.

Jedi Willer headshot

Jedi Weller

Speaker, community leader, and CEO at OpenForge. Advocating for empowering businesses through technology.

Aaron Saunders headshot

Aaron Saunders

Tech entrepreneur, author, and Ionic Developer Expert. CEO of Clearly Innovative.

Diana Rodriguez cartoon headshot

Diana Rodriguez

Full Stack Developer & DevOps lover of all things web and cloud! Python Developer Advocate at Vonage.

Max Lynch headshot

Max Lynch

Co-founder and CEO at Ionic. Avid photographer, craft beer brewer, and The Web’s biggest fanboy.

Ben Sperry headshot

Ben Sperry

Co-founder and CDO at Ionic. Product designer, pusher of fine pixels, and WI forest explorer.

Mike Hartington with a luscious beard

Mike Hartington

Developer Advocate at Ionic. He is a drinker of whiskey, coder of code, and MC for Ioniconf 2020.

Topics & technologies covered:

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The cross-platform app development space is rapidly evolving, and developers now have plethora of frameworks and tooling to choose from.

Ioniconf will cover some of the most interesting techniques and tools in the space, and offer best practices, practical tips, and insight into how developers are tackling cross-platform development with new approaches.

We’re bringing together experts in the mobile and broader web ecosystem to offer a deep dive into modern approaches for building and shipping cross-platform apps.

Automate app deployments across iOS, Android, and the web

Add dynamic, highly performant animations to your web apps

Latest static hosting capabilities for web apps

How to build Web Components for authentication

End-to-end mobile app testing best practices and techniques


Our one day, single track lineup of industry leaders and developer experts covering topics from across the app development ecosystem.

9:00 AM WELCOME TO IONICONF 2020 Mike Hartington Face with a mega beard Mike Hartington
9:05 AM Opening Keynote Max Lynch icon Ben Sperry icon Max Lynch & Ben Sperry
9:30 AM What's new in React Shawn Wang icon Shawn Wang
10:00 AM Web Components for Auth: The what, the how and the why Ana Cidre icon Ana Cidre
10:30 AM Talk TBD Yvonne Allen icon Yvonne Allen
11:00 AM SESSION 1 Q&A
12:00 PM Demystifying Angular Routing Simon Grim icon Simon Grim
12:30 PM Code to Scale: Build and deploy static web apps in minutes John Papa icon John Papa
1:00 PM High Torque Delivery with Ionic Lukas Ruebbelke icon Lukas Ruebbelke
1:30 PM End-to-end testing mobile apps with Ionic and Cypress Cecelia Martinez icon Cecelia Martinez
2:30 PM How to Create A Successful Product Launch Strategy Jedi Weller icon Jedi Weller
3:00 PM Talk TBD Diana Rodriguez icon Diana Rodriguez
3:30 PM Beyond Fast: An animation deep dive Liam Debeasi icon Liam DeBeasi
4:00 PM Talk TBD Aaron Saunders icon Aaron Saunders