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One codebase. Any platform. Now in Vue.

  • Over 100 mobile UI Vue components
  • Standard Vue tooling based on Vue 3
  • Target iOS / Android / Electron / PWA
Icons for Apple, Android, Windows, React, and PWA
Guide on cross-platform hybrid development for architects and app development leaders

Learn the differences between hybrid and native apps. We break down all the myths and misconceptions.

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Cross-platform apps. Built with the web.

Free and open source, Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building fast, highly interactive apps.

Performance obsessed

Build fast apps,
faster than before.

Ionic is built to perform and run fast on all of the latest mobile devices. Build out-of-the-box blazing fast apps with a small footprint and built-in best practices like hardware accelerated transitions, touch-optimized gestures, pre-rendering, and AOT compiling.

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  • Up to 60FPS Scrolling on mobile and desktop
  • Consistent 100% Lighthouse PWA performance score
  • Down to 2.2s Time to
  • Up to 2x Faster than previous versions
Angular, React, Vue, and Plain 'ole Javascript

Framework Agnostic

Build with your favorite Framework.

We don’t make assumptions about the tech stacks you or your team prefers to build with. That’s why Ionic is engineered to integrate seamlessly with all best frontend frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue, or even no framework at all with vanilla JavaScript.

100+ ui components

Simple, declarative UI component design.

Ionic’s components are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easy to build modern, high quality UIs that perform great everywhere.

Native Power

Access core native device functionality.

Ionic makes it easy to access native device features with just a little bit of JavaScript. Choose from a rich library of over 120 native device plugins for accessing Camera, Geolocation, Bluetooth, and more, or dive into the full native SDK when you need it. There’s no limit to what you can build.

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Access Native Android and iOS APIs
5m Developers, 10m Apps Created, 100+ Meetups

A global community

Built for developers. Trusted by enterprise.

More than 5 Million developers in over 200 countries around the world are using Ionic to power their app development. Join the thousands of global meetups, forums, and events that makes building with Ionic so much fun.

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Premier integrations

Yes, you can integrate with that.

From community plugins to premium supported integrations, Ionic has you covered. Power-up your app workflow with integrations into your favorite stacks.

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Loved by some of our favorite people on earth

I was so inspired when I found Ionic. It fills a gap that’s missing when building for mobile and solves many complexities that otherwise require multiple libraries, keeping your code cleaner. Overall, it just makes mobile development fun and fast, so you can build more!
Ionic makes building cross-platform mobile apps enjoyable. It's integration with Angular is seemless, so it's easily become our go-to for mobile.
Ionic is a shining example of a high-quality framework that takes advantage of Angular's power and flexibility, enabling developers to build production-ready mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps, in a fraction of the time.
The more I look at Ionic, the more I love what they are doing. Truly. I wish I had a mobile app to build right now.
Ionic dramatically changes the way mobile apps are built. Their integration with Angular means building functionality is now a breeze and it feels near-native. Your developers and your users will thank you.

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