App Launcher


Simple Cordova plugin to see if other apps are installed and launch them.


ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-app-launchernpm install @ionic-native/app-launcher
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ionic enterprise register --key=YOURPRODUCTKEYnpm install @ionic-enterprise/app-launcher

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS


import { AppLauncher, AppLauncherOptions } from '@ionic-native/app-launcher/ngx';
import { Platform } from '@ionic/angular';

constructor(private appLauncher: AppLauncher, private platform: Platform) { }


const options: AppLauncherOptions = {

if('ios')) {
  options.uri = 'fb://'
} else {
  options.packageName = 'com.facebook.katana'

  .then((canLaunch: boolean) => console.log('Facebook is available'))
  .catch((error: any) => console.error('Facebook is not available'));