Name Description

Delegate for controlling scrollViews (created by ionContent and ionScroll directives).


Delegate for controlling the ionNavBar directive.


Delegate for controlling the ionSideMenus directive.


Delegate that controls the ionSlideBox directive.


Delegate for controlling the ionTabs directive.


The Action Sheet is a slide-up pane that lets the user choose from a set of options. Dangerous options are highlighted in red and made obvious.


An angular service exposing ionic ionic.EventController's gestures.


An overlay that can be used to indicate activity while blocking user interaction.


The Modal is a content pane that can go over the user's main view temporarily. Usually used for making a choice or editing an item.


An angular abstraction of ionic.Platform.


The Ionic Popup service makes it easy to programatically create and show popup windows that require the user to respond in order to continue: