Getting help with your errors

Since everyone is running a different environment on their machines, most likely with different settings/configurations, errors are bound to occur.

We are dedicated to making Ionic Framework the best we can. There are many places to go to get help with your errors. Listed below are some places we actively monitor, as well as where your question may be best posted.

The main channels we listen into are our twitter, the ionic forums, and our github repositories.

We humbly ask that if you post to the forums or any github repository issues that you also specify your user environment by running ionic info in your command line to provide us with your system runtime information.

However, depending on your issue, it may be easier to get a few heads up on where to go when something goes wrong.

Ionic Forums

The Ionic Forums is where most of the Ionic community comes together to share and help one another. We are very active in monitoring our forums to help users with their issues. Generally, most users here help respond to issues other users are having as well.

You can find help here with anything ionic related.

Repositories on Github

Framework issues

The Ionic repository pertains to everything about how Ionic works on the users phone. Anything from ‘the animations didnt work’, to ‘Ionic startup doesnt run’, or other bug relating to the framework itself.

Report a Framework issue

CLI issues

The Ionic CLI repository pertains to every about how Ionic works on the command line. Issues here are for when the CLI doesnt work right. Issues might be of the form ‘ionic start didnt work right’, or ‘ionic serve doesnt serve addresses’, and even ‘the browser command is broken’.

Report a CLI issue

ngCordova Issues

The ngCordova repository contains all of the AngularJS wrappers for Cordova plugins to make it easier for you to use the plugins. If you have any errors with the ngCordova wrappers, this is the best place to look for help.

Report a ngCordova Issue

Ionic View App

The Ionic View app lets you and your users view your ionic app directly on your phone just by logging into your Ionic account. If you have any errors with the app, this is the best place to look for help.

Report an Ionic View App Issue