A powerful animation and transition system for Ionic apps.


angular.module('mySuperApp', ['ionic'])
.controller(function($scope, $ionicAnimation) {
   var anim = $ionicAnimation({
    // A unique, reusable name
    name: 'popIn',

    // The duration of an auto playthrough
    duration: 0.5,

    // How long to wait before running the animation
    delay: 0,

    // Whether to reverse after doing one run through
    autoReverse: false,

    // How many times to repeat? -1 or null for infinite
    repeat: -1,

    // Timing curve to use (same as CSS timing functions), or a function of time "t" to handle it yourself
    curve: 'ease-in-out',

    onStart: function() {
      // Callback on start
    onEnd: function() {
      // Callback on end
    step: function(amt) {