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Version: v5

Background Geolocation

This plugin provides foreground and background geolocation with battery-saving "circular region monitoring" and "stop detection". For more detail, please see

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$ npm install @mauron85/cordova-plugin-background-geolocation 
$ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/background-geolocation
$ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS



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BackgroundGeolocation must be called within app.ts and or before Geolocation. Otherwise the platform will not ask you for background tracking permission.

import { BackgroundGeolocation, BackgroundGeolocationConfig, BackgroundGeolocationEvents, BackgroundGeolocationResponse } from '@awesome-cordova-plugins/background-geolocation/ngx';

constructor(private backgroundGeolocation: BackgroundGeolocation) { }


const config: BackgroundGeolocationConfig = {
desiredAccuracy: 10,
stationaryRadius: 20,
distanceFilter: 30,
debug: true, // enable this hear sounds for background-geolocation life-cycle.
stopOnTerminate: false, // enable this to clear background location settings when the app terminates

.then(() => {

this.backgroundGeolocation.on(BackgroundGeolocationEvents.location).subscribe((location: BackgroundGeolocationResponse) => {

// IMPORTANT: You must execute the finish method here to inform the native plugin that you're finished,
// and the background-task may be completed. You must do this regardless if your operations are successful or not.
// IF YOU DON'T, ios will CRASH YOUR APP for spending too much time in the background.
this.backgroundGeolocation.finish(); // FOR IOS ONLY


// start recording location

// If you wish to turn OFF background-tracking, call the #stop method.