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Version: v5

Unvired Cordova SDK

This plugin lets you build apps which connect to Unvired Mobile Platform (UMP).

iOS Requirements

This plugin uses Cocoapods to install dependent libraries. Please make sure you have a valid Cocoapods installation. Once you have it ready, do update the cocoapods repo by running the following command before you install this plugin.

pod repo update

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$ npm install 
$ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/unvired-cordova-sdk
$ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Browser



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import { UnviredCordovaSDK } from '@awesome-cordova-plugins/unvired-cordova-sdk/ngx';

constructor(private unviredSDK: UnviredCordovaSDK) { }

// This is usually done in app.component.ts of your app.
// Before you can interact with UMP, you need to initialize the SDK and authenticate with UMP.
// SDK Initialization
let loginParameters = new LoginParameters()
loginParameters.appName = 'UNVIRED_DIGITAL_FORMS'
loginParameters.metadataPath = '../assets/metadata.json'
let loginResult: LoginResult
try {
loginResult = await this.unviredSDK.login(loginParameters)
catch (error) {
this.unviredSDK.logError("AppComponent", "Initialize", "Error during login: " + error)

switch (loginResult.type) {
case LoginListenerType.auth_activation_required:
// App is not activated. i.e, User is using the app for the very first time.
// App needs to be activated before it can interact with UMP.
// At this point of time, you basically navigate to a login screen & accept username / password from the user.
// Set the username & password to loginParameters object and call authenticateAndActivate
try {
// Execute this block of code in a login screen.
let loginParameters = new LoginParameters();
loginParameters.url = '<UMP_URL>'; = '<Company>';
loginParameters.username = '<Username>';
loginParameters.password = '<Password>';
loginParameters.loginType = LoginType.unvired;
let authenticateActivateResult: AuthenticateActivateResult = await this.unviredSDK.authenticateAndActivate(loginParameters);
if (authenticateActivateResult.type === AuthenticateAndActivateResultType.auth_activation_success) {
// App is fully setup. Navigate to your app's home screen.
} else if (authenticateActivateResult.type === AuthenticateAndActivateResultType.auth_activation_error) {
console.log("Error during login: " + authenticateActivateResult.error)
} catch (error) {
this.unviredSDK.logError('LoginPage', 'auth_activation_required', 'ERROR: ' + error);

case LoginListenerType.app_requires_login:
// App is already activated. But, the user needs to enter credentials because the setting LOCAL_PASSWORD is set to YES in Unvired Admin Cockpit.
// To set LOCAL_PASSWORD property for your app, contact your administrator.
try {
// Execute this block of code in a login screen.
let loginParameters = new LoginParameters()
loginParameters.username = '<Username>';
loginParameters.password = '<Password>';
let authenticateLocalResult: AuthenticateLocalResult = await this.unviredSDK.authenticateLocal(loginParameters);
if (authenticateLocalResult.type === AuthenticateLocalResultType.login_success) {
// App is fully setup. Navigate to your app's home screen.
} else if (authenticateLocalResult.type === AuthenticateLocalResultType.login_error) {
console.log("Error during local login: " + authenticateActivateResult.error)
} catch (error) {
this.unviredSDK.logError('LoginPage', 'app_requires_login', 'ERROR: ' + error);

case login_success:
// The setting LOCAL_PASSWORD is set to false.
// App is fully initialized. Users can interact with the UMP
// Navigate to Home screen

// Synchronization APIs
// Make sync call.
let result = await this.unviredSDK.syncForeground(RequestType.QUERY, null, {"CUSTOMER_HEADER": {"field1" : "value1", "field2" : "value2"}}, 'UNVIRED_DIGITAL_FORMS_PA_MOBILE_GET_USERS', true)

// Make async call.
let result = await this.unviredSDK.syncBackground(RequestType.QUERY, null, inputObj, 'UNVIRED_DIGITAL_FORMS_PA_MOBILE_GET_USERS', 'INPUT_GET_USERS', 'GUID', false)
// Note: Subscribe to NotificationListener to get updates on data processing in background
// However, only one screen can listen to background data updates at any point of time.
this.unviredSDK.registerNotifListener().subscribe( data => {
switch (data.type) {
case NotificationListenerType.dataSend:
case NotificationListenerType.dataChanged:
case NotificationListenerType.dataReceived:

// Database APIs
// Insert a record onto database
this.unviredsdk.dbInsert("CUSTOMER_HEADER", {"NAME":"USER","NO":"0039"}, true);

// Update a record in database
this.unviredSDK.dbUpdate('CUSTOMER_HEADER', {"NAME":"UPDATED_USER","NO":"UPDATED_NO"}, "FORM_ID = '5caed815892215034dacad56'")

// Delete a record in database
this.unviredSDK.dbDelete('CUSTOMER_HEADER', "FORM_ID = '5caed815892215034dacad56'")

// Execute a SQL Query
this.unviredSDK.dbExecuteStatement('SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER_HEADER WHERE CUSTOMER_ID = "0039"')