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Version: v6



Tabs are a top level navigation component to implement a tab-based navigation. The component is a container of individual Tab components.

The ion-tabs component does not have any styling and works as a router outlet in order to handle navigation. It does not provide any UI feedback or mechanism to switch between tabs. In order to do so, an ion-tab-bar should be provided as a direct child of ion-tabs.

Both ion-tabs and ion-tab-bar can be used as standalone elements. They don’t depend on each other to work, but they are usually used together in order to implement a tab-based navigation that behaves like a native app.

The ion-tab-bar needs a slot defined in order to be projected to the right place in an ion-tabs component.

Framework Support

Using ion-tabs within Angular, React or Vue requires the use of the ion-router-outlet or ion-nav components.

Usage with Router

Tabs can be used with the Ionic router to implement tab-based navigation. The tab bar and active tab will automatically resolve based on the url. This is the most common pattern for tabs navigation.

Best Practices

Ionic has guides on best practices for routing patterns with tabs. Check out the guides for Angular, React, and Vue for additional information.



While not required, this interface can be used in place of the CustomEvent interface for stronger typing with Ionic events emitted from this component.

interface TabsCustomEvent extends CustomEvent {
detail: { tab: string };
target: HTMLIonTabsElement;


No properties available for this component.


ionTabsDidChangeEmitted when the navigation has finished transitioning to a new component.
ionTabsWillChangeEmitted when the navigation is about to transition to a new component.



DescriptionGet the currently selected tab.
SignaturegetSelected() => Promise<string | undefined>


DescriptionGet a specific tab by the value of its tab property or an element reference.
SignaturegetTab(tab: string | HTMLIonTabElement) => Promise<HTMLIonTabElement | undefined>


DescriptionSelect a tab by the value of its tab property or an element reference.
Signatureselect(tab: string | HTMLIonTabElement) => Promise<boolean>

CSS Shadow Parts

No CSS shadow parts available for this component.

CSS Custom Properties

No CSS custom properties available for this component.


``Content is placed between the named slots if provided without a slot.
bottomContent is placed at the bottom of the screen.
topContent is placed at the top of the screen.