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v1.3.1 "el salvador" · 2016-05-12 · MIT Licensed

Rapidly prototype Ionic apps.

A simple drag-&-drop interface building tool for creating real ionic apps with a click of the mouse.

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Ionic Windows

Official Windows Universal Platform App support is now live in Ionic 2, complete with a total UI look-and-feel and component set!

Read the blog post Component docs

The Market is alive

Discover and share all the best community-made starter apps, plugins, themes and more to jumpstart your Ionic app development.

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Create mobile apps with the web technologies you love.

Know how to build websites? Then you already know how to build mobile apps! Ionic offers quality web and native app components for building highly interactive native and progressive web apps with Angular.

Performance obsessed

Speed is important. So important that you only notice when it isn't there. Ionic is built to perform and behave great on the latest mobile devices. Designed with best practices like efficient hardware accelerated transitions, and touch-optimized gestures, one thing is for sure: You'll be impressed.

Angular & Ionic

A match made in heaven. Ionic builds on top of Angular to create a powerful SDK well-suited for building rich and robust mobile apps for the app store and the mobile web. Ionic not only looks nice, but its core architecture is built for serious app development.

Native and Web

Ionic follows standard native mobile app UI guidelines and uses native SDKs, bringing the UI standards and device features of native apps together with the full power and flexibility of the open web. Ionic uses Cordova or Phonegap to deploy natively, or runs in the browser as a Progressive Web App. Develop once, deploy everywhere.

Beautifully designed

Clean, simple, and functional. Ionic has been designed to work and display beautifully on all current mobile devices and platforms. With ready-made mobile components, typography, and a gorgeous (yet extensible) base theme that adapts to each platform, you'll be building in style.

A powerful CLI

Use just one command to create, build, test, and deploy your Ionic apps onto any platform. With amazing features like Live Reload and integrated logging, you'll already be miles ahead of your native frenemies. Just run npm install -g ionic, and you're good to go!

Easy to learn

All you need to know are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: the building blocks of the web. You'll even learn AngularJS as you work. We wrote tons of docs to get you started and help you level up your mobile development skills. There’s no question you'll be shipping apps in no time.

Built by web nerds

Built and maintained by developers and designers passionate about web technologies. Ionic focuses on pushing the web forward across all mobile devices. We're making mobile development with web technology awesome.

More than code. Ionic is an ecosystem.

You'll find a suite of mobile development tools and resources at your disposal that make
Ionic the complete mobile dev package. It's the best way to build apps. Period.

Ionic Creator

Build and test iOS and Android versions side-by-side, instantly: $ ionic serve --lab Or, try the GUI version of Ionic Lab.


Instantly update your apps with code changes, even when running directly on your device. $ ionic run --livereload

Ionic Market

Hundreds of quality starter templates, addons, and themes to get you up and running fast. Learn more

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Share your Ionic apps with clients, customers, and testers all around the world. All without ever going through the App Store! Get the app!

Ionic Native

Easily use over 70 native device features like Bluetooth, HealthKit, fingerprint auth, and more through Cordova/Phonegap plugins and TypeScript extensions. Learn more

Ionic Cloud

Full-stack backend services and tools for your Ionic app. Finally, a service that embraces mobile web dev! Learn more

Build real apps with Creator

A powerful drag-and-drop app development tool for creating real Ionic apps.
Export clean, ready-to-use Ionic code or even iOS and Android native binaries.

Try Creator today!

Ionic is the framework that I use for all of my projects, and I'm not sure I can give a bigger compliment than that. The innate sense of style and sophistication built into Ionic is awesome and makes building professional-level mobile applications a snap.

Hampton Catlin
Creator of Sass

Ionic will dramatically change the way mobile apps are built. Their choice of AngularJS means building functionality is now a breeze and it feels near-native. Your developers and your users will thank you.

James Tamplin
Co-founder & CEO, Firebase

I was so inspired when I found Ionic. It fills a gap that’s missing when building for mobile and solves many complexities that otherwise require multiple libraries, keeping your code cleaner. Overall, it just makes mobile development fun and fast, so you can build more!

Holly Schinsky
Developer Evangelist, Adobe