Child of ionSideMenus

It is common for a tablet application to hide a menu when in portrait mode, but to show the same menu on the left side when the tablet is in landscape mode. The exposeAsideWhen attribute directive can be used to accomplish a similar interface.

By default, side menus are hidden underneath its side menu content, and can be opened by either swiping the content left or right, or toggling a button to show the side menu. However, by adding the exposeAsideWhen attribute directive to an ionSideMenu element directive, a side menu can be given instructions on “when” the menu should be exposed (always viewable). For example, the expose-aside-when="large" attribute will keep the side menu hidden when the viewport’s width is less than 768px, but when the viewport’s width is 768px or greater, the menu will then always be shown and can no longer be opened or closed like it could when it was hidden for smaller viewports.

Using large as the attribute’s value is a shortcut value to (min-width:768px) since it is the most common use-case. However, for added flexibility, any valid media query could be added as the value, such as (min-width:600px) or even multiple queries such as (min-width:750px) and (max-width:1200px).


  <!-- Center content -->

  <!-- Left menu -->
  <ion-side-menu expose-aside-when="large">

For a complete side menu example, see the ionSideMenus documentation.