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Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time.

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Why Sentry?

  • Get the important details: View actual code in stack traces, with source maps for JS, symbolication for iOS, and stack locals for Python bug tracking. Also see the error’s parameters and session information in the crash report with the ability to filter noisy stack traces with app, framework, and raw error views.
  • Go back in time: Reproduce errors without user feedback. Sentry error monitoring includes each bug’s history of events and user actions.
  • Don’t blindly guess: Understand the context that contributed to errors with tags and relevant information about your software, environment, and users.
  • Understand the bigger picture: Use issue graphs to understand the frequency, scope, and impact of errors and prioritize what needs to be fixed.

How Sentry Works

Sentry is an open-source error tracking platform that provides complete app logic, deep context, and visibility across the entire stack in real time. For the first time, developers can fix bugs at every stage of the product lifecycle, well before users ever encounter a problem. Each week, Sentry processes billions of exceptions from the most popular products on the internet to keep engineers productive and customers happy.

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