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collection-repeat allows an app to show huge lists of items much more performantly than ng-repeat.

It renders into the DOM only as many items as are currently visible.

This means that on a phone screen that can fit eight items, only the eight items matching the current scroll position will be rendered.

The Basics:

  • The data given to collection-repeat must be an array.
  • If the item-height and item-width attributes are not supplied, it will be assumed that every item in the list has the same dimensions as the first item.
  • Don’t use angular one-time binding (::) with collection-repeat. The scope of each item is assigned new data and re-digested as you scroll. Bindings need to update, and one-time bindings won’t.

Performance Tips:

  • The iOS webview has a performance bottleneck when switching out <img src> attributes. To increase performance of images on iOS, cache your images in advance and, if possible, lower the number of unique images. We’re working on a solution.


Basic Item List (codepen)

  <ion-item collection-repeat="item in items">

Grid of Images (codepen)

  <img collection-repeat="photo in photos"

Horizontal Scroller, Dynamic Item Width (codepen)

  <h2>Available Kittens:</h2>
  <ion-scroll direction="x" class="available-scroller">
    <div class="photo" collection-repeat="photo in"
       item-height="250" item-width="photo.width + 30">
       <img ng-src="{{photo.src}}">


Attr Type Details
collection-repeat expression

The expression indicating how to enumerate a collection, of the format variable in expression – where variable is the user defined loop variable and expression is a scope expression giving the collection to enumerate. For example: album in artist.albums or album in artist.albums | orderBy:'name'.


The width of the repeated element. The expression must return a number (pixels) or a percentage. Defaults to the width of the first item in the list. (previously named collection-item-width)


The height of the repeated element. The expression must return a number (pixels) or a percentage. Defaults to the height of the first item in the list. (previously named collection-item-height)


The number of items to load before and after the visible items in the list. Default 3. Tip: set this higher if you have lots of images to preload, but don't set it too high or you'll see performance loss.


Force images to refresh as you scroll. This fixes a problem where, when an element is interchanged as scrolling, its image will still have the old src while the new src loads. Setting this to true comes with a small performance loss.