$ ionic config get

Print config values


$ ionic config get [<property>]


By default, this command prints properties in your project’s ionic.config.json file.

For --global config, the CLI prints properties in the global CLI config file (~/.ionic/config.json).

For nested properties, separate nest levels with dots. For example, the property name user.email will look in the user object (a root-level field in the global CLI config file) for the email field.

Without a property argument, this command prints out the entire file contents.

If you are using this command programmatically, you can use the --json option.

This command attempts to sanitize config output for known sensitive fields, such as fields within the tokens object in the global CLI config file. This functionality is disabled when using --json.

Input Description
property The property name you wish to get
Option Description
--global, -g Use global CLI config
--json Output config values in JSON


$ ionic config get 
$ ionic config get app_id
$ ionic config get --global user.email
$ ionic config get -g yarn