The top open source framework for building amazing mobile apps.

Ionic is the beautiful, free and open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps with ease.

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v4.10.0 / 2019-09-27 / MIT Licensed / Release Notes

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Build apps with web tech you know and love

Know how to build websites? Then you already know how to build mobile apps. Ionic Framework offers the best web and native app components for building highly interactive native and progressive web apps.

One code base.
Running everywhere.

Ionic is the only mobile app stack that enables web developers apps for all major app stores and the mobile web with a single code base. And with Ionic’s Platform Continuity, your app looks and feels at home on every device.

A complete mobile toolkit, built for web developers.

Everything you need to start creating fully functional mobile apps in just minutes.

Build alongside the best community around.

There are millions of Ionic developers in over 200 countries worldwide. Join us.

Loved by some of the best people and companies on earth

Ionic is a shining example of a high-quality framework that takes advantage of Angular's power and flexibility, enabling developers to build production-ready mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps, in a fraction of the time.

Ionic is the framework that I use for all of my projects, and I'm not sure I can give a bigger compliment than that. The innate sense of style and sophistication built into Ionic is awesome and makes building professional-level mobile applications a snap.

Ionic will dramatically change the way mobile apps are built. Their choice of AngularJS means building functionality is now a breeze and it feels near-native. Your developers and your users will thank you.

I was so inspired when I found Ionic. It fills a gap that’s missing when building for mobile and solves many complexities that otherwise require multiple libraries, keeping your code cleaner. Overall, it just makes mobile development fun and fast, so you can build more!

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