This is a comprehensive list of CLI commands. The ionic --help command will show a more organized and accurate list of commands.

Command Description
build Build web assets and prepare your app for any platform targets
docs Open the Ionic documentation website
generate Generate pipes, components, pages, directives, providers, and tabs (ionic-angular >= 3.0.0)
info Print system/environment info
link Connect your local app to Ionic
login Login with your Ionic ID
serve Start a local dev server for app dev/testing
signup Create an Ionic account
start Create a new project
telemetry (deprecated) Opt in and out of telemetry
upload (deprecated) Upload a new snapshot of your app
config get Print config values
config set Set config values
cordova build Build (prepare + compile) an Ionic project for a given platform
cordova compile Compile native platform code
cordova emulate Emulate an Ionic project on a simulator or emulator
cordova platform Manage Cordova platform targets
cordova plugin Manage Cordova plugins
cordova prepare Copies assets to Cordova platforms, preparing them for native builds
cordova requirements Checks and print out all the requirements for platforms
cordova resources Automatically create icon and splash screen resources
cordova run Run an Ionic project on a connected device
doctor check Check the health of your Ionic project
doctor ignore Ignore a particular issue
doctor list List all issue identifiers
git remote Adds/updates the Ionic git remote to your local Ionic app repository
integrations disable Disable an integration
integrations enable Add various integrations to your app
monitoring syncmaps Sync Source Maps to Ionic Pro Error Monitoring service
package build (deprecated) Start a package build
package download (deprecated) Download your packaged app
package info (deprecated) Get info about a build
package list (deprecated) List your cloud builds
ssh add Add an SSH public key to Ionic
ssh delete Delete an SSH public key from Ionic
ssh generate Generates a private and public SSH key pair
ssh list List your SSH public keys on Ionic
ssh setup Setup your Ionic SSH keys automatically
ssh use Set your active Ionic SSH key