$ ionic package build

Start a package build


$ ionic package build [<platform>]


WARNING: Ionic Cloud is deprecated and will reach end-of-life on January 31st, 2018. These commands will not be supported afterwards. Ionic Pro takes a different approach to the Ionic Package service. See the Package documentation for details: https://ionicframework.com/docs/pro/package/

Ionic Package makes it easy to build a native binary of your app in the cloud.

Full documentation can be found here: https://docs.ionic.io/services/package/

Input Description
platform The platform to target: ios, android
Option Description
--prod Build the application for production
--aot Perform ahead-of-time compilation for this build
--minifyjs Minify JS for this build
--minifycss Minify CSS for this build
--optimizejs Perform JS optimizations for this build
--release Mark as a release build
--profile, -p The security profile to use with this build
--note Give the package snapshot a note


$ ionic package build android
$ ionic package build ios --profile=dev
$ ionic package build android --profile=prod --release --prod