$ ionic start

Create a new project


$ ionic start [<name>] [<template>]


This command creates a working Ionic app. It installs dependencies for you and sets up your project.

ionic start will create a new app from template. You can list all templates with the --list option. For more information on starter templates, see the CLI documentation[1].

You can also specify a git repository URL for template and your existing project will be cloned.

[1]: https://ionicframework.com/docs/cli/starters.html

Input Description
name The name of your project directory
template The starter template to use (e.g. blank, tabs; use --list to see all)
Option Description
--list, -l List starter templates available
--type Type of project to start (e.g. ionic-angular, ionic1)
--display-name, -n Human-readable name (use quotes around the name)
--cordova Include Cordova integration
--no-deps Do not install npm/yarn dependencies
--no-git Do not initialize a git repo
--no-link Do not ask to connect the app with the Ionic Dashboard
--pro-id Specify an app ID from the Ionic Dashboard to link
--bundle-id Specify the bundle ID/application ID for your app (reverse-DNS notation)


$ ionic start 
$ ionic start --list
$ ionic start myApp blank
$ ionic start myApp tabs --cordova
$ ionic start myApp blank --type=ionic1
$ ionic start myConferenceApp https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-conference-app