More than just mobile

Build progressive web and native mobile apps for every major app store, with one codebase. Ionic works and looks beautiful wherever it runs.

  • One codebase for iOS, Android, Electron, PWAs, and more
  • Work seamlessly across desktop and mobile, native and web
  • Apps that look and feel at home on every device

Full native power and performance

There’s no limit to what you can do with Ionic. Give your users the most advanced on-device features and hardware-accelerated performance.

  • Access to device features with a core library of native APIs
  • Get full access to the native SDK when you need it
  • Ship mission-critical apps with confidence, backed by Ionic

As future-proof as the web

Empower your web teams to build native mobile apps, using the tools they know and love - today, tomorrow, and whatever the future brings.

  • Build with common web skills: HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Based on open web standards, not proprietary languages
  • Framework agnostic: works across any Angular, React, Vue…

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