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Version: v8

Starting an App

Starting a new Ionic app is incredibly simple. From the command line, run the ionic start command and the CLI will handle the rest.

$ ionic start

Every great app needs a name! 😍

Please enter the full name of your app. You can change this at any time.
To bypass this prompt next time, supply name,
the first argument to ionic start.

? Project name: █

The Ionic CLI will display prompts asking for the new project's name and which template to use. These details can be provided as command arguments:

$ ionic start myApp tabs

Here, myApp is the name of the project, tabs is the starter template, and the project type is angular.

tabs is not the only project template available. Between all project types, there are three templates available:

  • tabs: A tabs based layout
  • sidemenu: A sidemenu based layout
  • blank: An empty project with a single page

See all available templates with the following command:

$ ionic start --list

These templates provide a great starting point for any app and include all the best practices for making a code base scale.