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Remote Debugging

iOS and Safari

Safari can be used to debug an Ionic app on a connected iOS device.

First, Web Inspector needs to be enabled on the connected device.

Web Inspector can be found under Settings > Safari > Advanced.

Next, head over to the Safari on a Mac and enable Show Develop menu in menu bar under Safari > Preferences > Advanced.

The connected device should now appear in the Develop menu.

From there, Safari's developer tools can be used to inspect and debug the app.

Android and Chrome

Chrome DevTools can be used to debug an app when it is running in the browser through ionic serve, deployed to an emulator, or a physical device.

To inspect an emulator or physical device, go to chrome://inspect/#devices in Chrome, and select the remote target which has the running app.

Note: Physical devices might need to have developer mode enabled in order to debug from Chrome.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has a dedicated plugin for debugging apps built with Cordova.

The plugin creates a bridge between the device and the Visual Studio Code developer tools and allows debugging to be done right in the editor.

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