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Version: v8

Unit Testing Setup

Ionic requires a few additional steps to set up unit tests. If you are using an Ionic starter project, these steps have already been completed for you.

Install React Testing Library

React Testing Library is a set of utilities that make it easier to test React components. It's used to interact with components and test their behavior.

npm install --save-dev @testing-library/react @testing-library/jest-dom @testing-library/user-event

Initialize Ionic React

Ionic React requires the setupIonicReact function to be called before any tests are run. Failing to do so will result in mode-based classes and platform behaviors not being applied to your components.

In src/setupTest.ts, add the following code:

import '@testing-library/jest-dom/extend-expect';

+ import { setupIonicReact } from '@ionic/react';

+ setupIonicReact();

// Mock matchmedia
window.matchMedia = window.matchMedia || function () {
return {
matches: false,
addListener: function () { },
removeListener: function () { }