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Version: v8

ionic build

Build web assets and prepare your app for any platform targets

$ ionic build [options]

ionic build will perform an Ionic build, which compiles web assets and prepares them for deployment.

ionic build uses the Angular CLI. Use ng build --help to list all Angular CLI options for building your app. See the ng build docs for explanations. Options not listed below are considered advanced and can be passed to the ng CLI using the -- separator after the Ionic CLI arguments. See the examples.


  • --prod: Flag to use the production configuration

Advanced Options

  • --configuration=<conf>: Specify the configuration to use. (or -c)

  • --source-map: Output source maps

  • --watch: Rebuild when files change

  • --engine=<engine>: Target engine (e.g. browser, cordova)

  • --platform=<platform>: Target platform on chosen engine (e.g. ios, android)


$ ionic build 
$ ionic build --prod
$ ionic build --watch