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Version: v8

ionic config set

Set config values

$ ionic config set [property] [value] [options]

This command writes configuration values to the project's ./ionic.config.json file. It can also operate on the global CLI configuration (~/.ionic/config.json) using the --global option.

For nested properties, separate nest levels with dots. For example, the property name integrations.cordova will look in the integrations object for the cordova property.

For multi-app projects, this command is scoped to the current project by default. To operate at the root of the project configuration file instead, use the --root option.

This command will attempt to coerce value into a suitable JSON type. If it is JSON-parsable, such as 123, true, [], etc., then it takes the parsed result. Otherwise, the value is interpreted as a string. For stricter input, use --json, which will error with non-JSON values.

By default, if property exists and is an object or an array, the value is not overwritten. To disable this check and always overwrite the property, use --force.


The property name you wish to set


The new value of the given property


  • --global: Use global CLI config (or -g)

Advanced Options

  • --json: Always interpret value as JSON

  • --force: Always overwrite existing values

  • --root: Operate on root of ./ionic.config.json


$ ionic config set name newAppName
$ ionic config set name "\"newAppName\"" --json
$ ionic config set -g interactive false