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Version: v8

ionic cordova prepare

Copies assets to Cordova platforms, preparing them for native builds

$ ionic cordova prepare [platform] [options]

ionic cordova prepare will do the following:

  • Perform an Ionic build, which compiles web assets to www/.
  • Copy the www/ directory into your Cordova platforms.
  • Transform config.xml into platform-specific manifest files.
  • Copy icons and splash screens from resources/ to into your Cordova platforms.
  • Copy plugin files into specified platforms.

You may wish to use ionic cordova prepare if you run your project with Android Studio or Xcode.


The platform you would like to prepare (e.g. android, ios)


  • --no-build: Do not invoke an Ionic build

  • --prod: Flag to use the production configuration

Advanced Options

  • --configuration=<conf>: Specify the configuration to use. (or -c)

  • --source-map: Output source maps

  • --watch: Rebuild when files change


$ ionic cordova prepare 
$ ionic cordova prepare ios
$ ionic cordova prepare android