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Version: v8

ionic capacitor sync

Sync (copy + update) an Ionic project

$ ionic capacitor sync [platform] [options]

ionic capacitor sync will do the following:

  • Perform an Ionic build, which compiles web assets
  • Copy web assets to Capacitor native platform(s)
  • Update Capacitor native platform(s) and dependencies
  • Install any discovered Capacitor or Cordova plugins


The platform to sync (e.g. android, ios)


  • --no-build: Do not invoke an Ionic build

  • --inline: Use inline source maps (only available on capacitor 4.1.0+)

  • --prod: Flag to use the production configuration

Advanced Options

  • --configuration=<conf>: Specify the configuration to use. (or -c)

  • --source-map: Output source maps

  • --watch: Rebuild when files change