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$ ionic cordova run

Run an Ionic project on a connected device


$ ionic cordova run <platform>


Input Description
platform The platform to run: ios, android
Option Description
--livereload, -l Live reload app dev files from the device
--address Use specific address (livereload req.)
--consolelogs, -c Print app console logs to Ionic CLI
--serverlogs, -s Print dev server logs to Ionic CLI
--port, -p Dev server HTTP port
--livereload-port, -r Live Reload port
--prod Create a prod build with app-scripts
--list List all available Cordova run targets
--debug Create a Cordova debug build
--release Create a Cordova release build
--device Deploy Cordova build to a device
--emulator Deploy Cordova build to an emulator
--target Deploy Cordova build to a device (use –list to see all)
--buildConfig Use the specified Cordova build configuration


$ ionic cordova run ios --livereload -c -s