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Version: v8



Fabs are container elements that contain one or more fab buttons. They should be placed in a fixed position that does not scroll with the content. Fabs should have one main fab button. Fabs can also contain one or more fab lists which contain related buttons that show when the main fab button is clicked.

Basic Usage

List Side

The side property of the fab list component controls where it appears relative to the main fab button. A single fab can have multiple fab lists as long as they all have different values for side.


In order to place the fab in a fixed position, it should be assigned to the fixed slot of the outer content component. Use the vertical and horizontal props to control the alignment of the fab in the viewport. The edge prop will cause the fab button to overlap with the app's header or footer.

Safe Area

If there is no ion-header or ion-footer component, the fab may be covered by a device's notch, status bar, or other device UI. In these cases, the safe area on the top and bottom is not taken into account. This can be adjusted by using the --ion-safe-area-(dir) variables.

When using a fab with vertical set to "top" without an ion-header, the top margin needs to be set:

ion-fab {
margin-top: var(--ion-safe-area-top, 0);

And when using a fab with vertical set to "bottom" without an ion-footer, the bottom margin needs to be set:

ion-fab {
margin-bottom: var(--ion-safe-area-bottom, 0);

If there is an ion-header (for a fab with vertical set to "top") or ion-footer (for a fab with vertical set to "bottom"), no CSS adjustment is needed because the fab gets positioned relative to the header or footer.

Relative to Infinite List

In scenarios where a view contains many interactive elements, such as an infinitely-scrolling list, it may be challenging for users to navigate to the Floating Action Button (FAB) if it is placed below all the items in the DOM.

By setting the fixedSlotPlacement property on Content to before, the FAB will be placed before the main content in the DOM. This ensures that the FAB receives keyboard focus before other interactive elements receive focus, making it easier for users to access the FAB.

Button Sizing

Setting the size property of the main fab button to "small" will render it at a mini size. Note that this property will not have an effect when used with the inner fab buttons.



CSS Custom Properties

CSS Shadow Parts



Since FABs are allowed to contain only icons, developers must provide an aria-label on each ion-fab-button instance. Without this label, assistive technologies will not be able to announce the purpose of each button.



DescriptionIf true, both the ion-fab-button and all ion-fab-list inside ion-fab will become active. That means ion-fab-button will become a close icon and ion-fab-list will become visible.


DescriptionIf true, the fab will display on the edge of the header if vertical is "top", and on the edge of the footer if it is "bottom". Should be used with a fixed slot.


DescriptionWhere to align the fab horizontally in the viewport.
Type"center" | "end" | "start" | undefined


DescriptionWhere to align the fab vertically in the viewport.
Type"bottom" | "center" | "top" | undefined


No events available for this component.



DescriptionClose an active FAB list container.
Signatureclose() => Promise<void>

CSS Shadow Parts

No CSS shadow parts available for this component.

CSS Custom Properties

No CSS custom properties available for this component.


No slots available for this component.