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Version: v8


App is a container element for an Ionic application. There should only be one <ion-app> element per project. An app can have many Ionic components including menus, headers, content, and footers. The overlay components get appended to the <ion-app> when they are presented.

Using ion-app enables the following behaviors:

  • Keyboard Lifecycle Events without the need for any native plugins
  • Hardware Back Button Listeners for customizing the hardware back button behavior on Android devices
  • Status bar support in Capacitor or Cordova which allows users to scroll to the top of the view by tapping the status bar
  • Scroll assist utilities which scroll the content so focused text inputs are not covered by the on-screen keyboard
  • Ripple effect when activating buttons on Material Design mode
  • Other tap and focus utilities which make the experience of using an Ionic app feel more native


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