The MenuToggle component can be used to toggle a menu open or closed.

By default, it's only visible when the selected menu is active. A menu is active when it can be opened/closed. If the menu is disabled or it's being presented as a split-pane, the menu is marked as non-active and ion-menu-toggle hides itself.

In case it's desired to keep ion-menu-toggle always visible, the autoHide property can be set to false.




Automatically hides the content when the corresponding menu is not active.

By default, it's true. Change it to false in order to keep ion-menu-toggle always visible regardless the state of the menu.

Attribute auto-hide
Type boolean
Default true



Optional property that maps to a Menu's menuId prop. Can also be start or end for the menu side. This is used to find the correct menu to toggle.

If this property is not used, ion-menu-toggle will toggle the first menu that is active.

Attribute menu
Type string | undefined