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Version: v8


The Infinite Scroll component calls an action to be performed when the user scrolls a specified distance from the bottom or top of the page.

The expression assigned to the ionInfinite event is called when the user reaches that defined distance. When this expression has finished any and all tasks, it should call the complete() method on the infinite scroll instance.

Loading Text and Spinner

The ion-infinite-scroll-content is responsible for the visual display of the infinite scroll interaction. By default this component changes its look depending on the infinite scroll's state. It displays a spinner that looks best based on the platform the user is on. Both the spinner and loading text can be customized by setting properties on the ion-infinite-scroll-content component.

Custom Content

Separating the ion-infinite-scroll and ion-infinite-scroll-content components allows developers to create their own content components, if desired. This content can contain anything, from an SVG element to elements with unique CSS animations.

Usage with Virtual Scroll

Infinite scroll requires a scroll container. When using a virtual scrolling solution, you will need to disable scrolling on the ion-content and indicate which element container is responsible for the scroll container with the .ion-content-scroll-host class target.

<ion-content scroll-y="false">
<virtual-scroll-element class="ion-content-scroll-host">
<!-- Your virtual scroll content -->

virtual-scroll-element refers to the scroll container responsible for scrolling the content. This may be a component provided directly by the virtual scroll solution you are using.


Developers should assign the role="feed" attribute to the scrollable list of items that are added to or removed from as the user scrolls.

Individual list items should either have role="article" or use the <article> element directly.

For example, when rendering a collection of items in an ion-list:

<ion-content role="feed">
<ion-item role="article">
First item
<ion-item role="article">
Second item


Please refer to the ARIA: feed role documentation for additional information.



While not required, this interface can be used in place of the CustomEvent interface for stronger typing with Ionic events emitted from this component.

interface InfiniteScrollCustomEvent extends CustomEvent {
target: HTMLIonInfiniteScrollElement;



DescriptionIf true, the infinite scroll will be hidden and scroll event listeners will be removed.

Set this to true to disable the infinite scroll from actively trying to receive new data while scrolling. This is useful when it is known that there is no more data that can be added, and the infinite scroll is no longer needed.


DescriptionThe position of the infinite scroll element. The value can be either top or bottom.
Type"bottom" | "top"


DescriptionThe threshold distance from the bottom of the content to call the infinite output event when scrolled. The threshold value can be either a percent, or in pixels. For example, use the value of 10% for the infinite output event to get called when the user has scrolled 10% from the bottom of the page. Use the value 100px when the scroll is within 100 pixels from the bottom of the page.


ionInfiniteEmitted when the scroll reaches the threshold distance. From within your infinite handler, you must call the infinite scroll's complete() method when your async operation has completed.true



DescriptionCall complete() within the ionInfinite output event handler when your async operation has completed. For example, the loading state is while the app is performing an asynchronous operation, such as receiving more data from an AJAX request to add more items to a data list. Once the data has been received and UI updated, you then call this method to signify that the loading has completed. This method will change the infinite scroll's state from loading to enabled.
Signaturecomplete() => Promise<void>

CSS Shadow Parts

No CSS shadow parts available for this component.

CSS Custom Properties

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No slots available for this component.