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Version: v8


The reorder group is a container for items using the reorder component. When the user drags an item and drops it in a new position, the ionItemReorder event is dispatched. A handler for this event should be implemented that calls the complete method.

The detail property of the ionItemReorder event includes all of the relevant information about the reorder operation, including the from and to indexes. In the context of reordering, an item moves from an index to a new index. For example usage of the reorder group, see the reorder documentation.



interface ItemReorderEventDetail {
from: number;
to: number;
complete: (data?: boolean | any[]) => any;


While not required, this interface can be used in place of the CustomEvent interface for stronger typing with Ionic events emitted from this component.

interface ItemReorderCustomEvent extends CustomEvent {
detail: ItemReorderEventDetail;
target: HTMLIonReorderGroupElement;



DescriptionIf true, the reorder will be hidden.


ionItemReorderEvent that needs to be listened to in order to complete the reorder action. Once the event has been emitted, the complete() method then needs to be called in order to finalize the reorder action.true



DescriptionCompletes the reorder operation. Must be called by the ionItemReorder event.

If a list of items is passed, the list will be reordered and returned in the proper order.

If no parameters are passed or if true is passed in, the reorder will complete and the item will remain in the position it was dragged to. If false is passed, the reorder will complete and the item will bounce back to its original position.
Signaturecomplete(listOrReorder?: boolean | any[]) => Promise<any>

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