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Version: v8



A Picker displays one or more columns with options for users to choose from.

Prefix & Suffix Content

Use the prefix and suffix slots to add additional content to the picker.


CSS Variables

The picker highlight and fade can be customized using CSS variables on ion-picker. Developers can customize the individual appearance of ion-picker-column-options by targeting them directly and using host level styling.

Picker in Modal

Pickers can be displayed inside of overlays, such as ion-modal to create a picker experience with confirmation or cancellation buttons.

Console messages will appear here when logged from the example above.


Screen Readers

Picker supports navigation using a screen reader by implementing the slider role on each Picker Column. The following gestures can be used to navigate the Picker.

Swipe LeftMove focus to the previous Picker Column.
Swipe RightMove focus to the next Picker Column.
Swipe UpSelect the next option in the Picker Column.
Swipe DownSelect the previous option in the Picker Column.
Double Tap and Slide Up/DownAdjust the selected option in the Picker Column. Can be used as an alternative to swiping up and down.

The Swipe Up and Swipe Down gestures rely on the correct key events being synthesized as noted on the slider documentation. Chromium-based browsers do not synthesize keyboard events correctly, but the "Double Tap and Slide Up/Down" gesture can be used as an alternative until this has been implemented in Chromium-based browsers.

Keyboard Navigation

Each Picker Column can be navigated using the keyboard when focused.

ArrowUpScroll to the previous option.
ArrowDownScroll to the next option.
PageUpScroll up by more than one option.
PageDownScroll down by more than one option.
HomeScroll to the first option.
EndScroll to the last option.



DescriptionThe mode determines which platform styles to use.
Type"ios" | "md"


No events available for this component.


No public methods available for this component.

CSS Shadow Parts

No CSS shadow parts available for this component.

CSS Custom Properties

--fade-background-rgbBackground of the gradient covering non-selected items in rgb format
--highlight-backgroundBackground of the picker highlight for the selected item
--highlight-border-radiusBorder radius of the picker highlight for the selected item


No slots available for this component.