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Version: v8


A sliding item contains an item that can be dragged to reveal option buttons. It requires an item component as a child. All options to reveal should be placed in the item options element.

Basic Usage

Sliding item options are placed on the "end" side of the item by default. This means that options are revealed when the item is swiped from end to start, i.e. from right to left in LTR, but from left to right in RTL. To place them on the opposite side, so that they are revealed when swiping in the opposite direction, set the side attribute to "start" on the item options element. Up to two item options can be used at the same time in order to reveal two different sets of options depending on the swiping direction.

Icon Options

When an icon is placed alongside text in the item option, it will display the icon on top of the text by default. The slot on the icon can be changed to any of the available item option slots to change its position.

Expandable Options

Options can be expanded to take up the full width of the parent ion-item if you swipe past a certain point. This can be combined with the ionSwipe event on the item options to call a method when the item is fully swiped.



While not required, this interface can be used in place of the CustomEvent interface for stronger typing with Ionic events emitted from this component.

interface ItemSlidingCustomEvent extends CustomEvent {
target: HTMLIonItemSlidingElement;



DescriptionIf true, the user cannot interact with the sliding item.


ionDragEmitted when the sliding position changes.true



DescriptionClose the sliding item. Items can also be closed from the List.
Signatureclose() => Promise<void>


DescriptionClose all of the sliding items in the list. Items can also be closed from the List.
SignaturecloseOpened() => Promise<boolean>


DescriptionGet the amount the item is open in pixels.
SignaturegetOpenAmount() => Promise<number>


DescriptionGet the ratio of the open amount of the item compared to the width of the options. If the number returned is positive, then the options on the right side are open. If the number returned is negative, then the options on the left side are open. If the absolute value of the number is greater than 1, the item is open more than the width of the options.
SignaturegetSlidingRatio() => Promise<number>


DescriptionOpen the sliding item.
Signatureopen(side: Side | undefined) => Promise<void>

CSS Shadow Parts

No CSS shadow parts available for this component.

CSS Custom Properties

No CSS custom properties available for this component.


No slots available for this component.